3 Secrets To Passing ABRSM Aural Examinations

The aural tests in a Singapore ABRSM piano examination is probably one of the least looked forward to parts of the ABRSM piano exams other than sight reading. However, they need not be and with the right secrets, you can get a good mark in this section of the ABRSM exams easily.

Here are 3 secrets that only the best piano teachers in Singapore will teach you.

  1. Something very interesting in the marking criteria for the aural tests is that confident responses (with largely accurate singing) are highly regarded by ABRSM examiners. If you hem and haw before you start singing, chances are, you will immediately be penalized. Take a breath and then sing. Don’t hesitate even if you are worried.
  2. Second of all, pitch rather than vocal quality is more important when it comes to passing the aural tests of a piano exam in Singapore. The examiner will automatically adapt to your vocal range (depending on your voice and whether you are a man or woman). You can choose to hum or whistle, but singing out loud is most recommended. Most people who play the piano have no issues listening to pitches. However, the key factor stopping these piano students from acing the ABRSM aural tests is confidence. In fact, most pianists are great singers, but they simply do not feel comfortable singing in front of others. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you practise your singing in front of friends or family or go to the KTV more often. By putting yourself out there for potential larger embarrassment, the tiny ’embarrassment’ in the piano exam room is insignificant to you now.
  3. Third of all, always be prepared. For example, in your grade 5 aural, you will be asked first about musical features e.t.c. All these can be studied, and therefore you should put in the effort.

So there you go, hopefully the above tips will have helped you achieve better aural test scores for your ABRSM piano exams in Singapore.

8 Tips To Help You Pass Your ABRSM Piano Exams

Here are the best tips to help you pass your practical ABRSM piano graded examinations with ease. (If you need a good piano teacher, feel free to contact SGLEARNPIANO for a good recommendation. They are a local agency in Singapore which helps students find a private home music teacher for free. This is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sglearnpiano/)

First of all, never arrive on the dot to the waiting room. If you arrive last minute, chances are, you will become even more panicky. This is because on top of your ABRSM piano exam stress, you are also worried if you will reach on time.

Second of all, when you reach the waiting room area at the local Cristofori or Yamaha music school in Singapore, you can warm up silently by moving your fingers.

Third of all, here is a psychological trick. Did you know that your emotions affect your body posture? Did you also know that your body posture affects your emotions? Yes! That is right. Smile and walk in confidently into the room and you will automatically feel more confident.

Always make sure to adjust the stool properly before you start the examinations. This is important because the person before you may be exceptionally tall or short and you can’t play well if you are not seated at the right, usual level you usually sit at.

If you need to warm up, simply ask the examiner for a minute to warm up by perhaps playing a few bars of a piece. Don’t go overboard with this one.

If you make a mistake, don’t go back and play the note again. Simply continue. This shows confidence, and chances are, will sound much better to the examiner than you replaying the part you got wrong.

You can choose to go through the ABRSM examination in any order. You can either state it to the examiner or he / she will usually ask you about it anyway.

Next of all, your examiner may stop you halfway through a piece. Don’t worry about this. Your examiner is on your side as much as possible. They will not stop you if they think your playing may be better, as they want to give you more chances. However, if they stop you suddenly, and you did not make any major mistakes, chances are they feel they can grade you based on the amount that you played.